Debugging in MCUXpresso IDE was a typical Eclipse experience.

Debugging Experience

MCUXpresso offers a fairly typical Eclipse-based debugging experience. Notably different is NXP’s proprietary debugging configurator; instead of having to manually set-up debug configurations, MCUXpresso has a one-click debug button. While other Eclipse toolchains use the open-source J-Link debugging plugin, there are proprietary panes for J-Link and PEMicro debuggers in MCUXpresso. As usual, a manufacturer-specific register viewer displays the MCU’s peripherals. I’m not a huge fan of this one — it’s a two-step process to view a register: first, you select the peripheral from the Peripherals+ view; selected peripherals appear in separate windows. One nice feature of the register viewer is a drop-down value list (though other environments have this feature, too).


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